Monthly Archives: March 2015

My Passion

Hi, I’m a very passionate AFL football fan. I love football because it is a very physical and exciting game to watch and play. It keeps you very fit whilst you are just playing a fun sport. Football can be played from ages 7+ until you reach the age of a veterans team. I also think football is a great sport because you learn how to work in a team as well. My friends and I all love playing football and we are really competitive.

About Myself

Hi I’m Patrick and I am just going to write a short paragraph about myself. I really enjoy sports particularly football. I am an Essendon supporter. I play junior football and support the older teams on the weekends as well. I started playing Auskick when I was about 5. I play football because I love it and I am very good. Lots of my friends play and I have made loads of new ones as well. What team do you barrack for? I also like to play video games, my favourite games are AFL Live and FIFA. After footy and other things I like to relax on the weekends and sleep in.