Travelling the World!

Week 8 – When you travel the world where do you want to visit and what do you want to learn.

Where Will I Travel And Why Will I Go There?

I would like to travel to Ireland. I would like to go there because my Mum’s ancestors emigrated from Ireland during the potato famine. I also have two Uncles who were both born over in Ireland, so I have a few relatives over there. I really think Ireland is a beautiful country because of the beautiful green fields and the lovely houses. I would really like to find out ore about the culture of Ireland. I would absolutely love to visit Tyrone because that is where my ancestors Owen and Sarah emigrated from. I also think Dublin would be great to visit because capital cities and my cousins always say its great.

Here is a map that shows where Dublin is in comparison to Melbourne.                                                                               (The red pin is Melbourne and the purple pin is Dublin)



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