Monthly Archives: July 2015

Week 3 – Learning Review

This week we had our school Italian day. The theme was the Roman Empire, it was a great day and everybody came in great dress ups and costumes. I came as a standard person ( a plebeian) wearing a toga. We had loads of activities which including making puppets, sewing pouches, playing outdoor games. Our Italian teacher organised two men who put on an extremely funny comedy play. It was really good because they also asked for volunteers and they did a bit of improvising which was great. I learnt that the male roman names always ended in ‘us’ or ‘ius’.

Learning Review – Week 2

Yesterday we had two men come to our school for our AFL Gala Day, they’re names were Shaun and Adam.  They both started playing football in local clubs that play in the EFL, Shaun played for Montrose and Adam played for Lilydale and Morulbark. Adam used to play in the TAC Cup for the eastern ranges. They talked a lot about basic skills like handballing and the technique for kicking. I learnt that when kicking with my opposite foot the lower you hold the football the better the ball drop will be.

Learning Review – Term 3 Week 1

This week for maths our main focus was fractions of a collections. I now understand the formula to find a fraction of a collection.  You divide the collection (the total) by the denominator (bottom number) then times it by the numerater (top number) and then you have your answer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            So if the question was what is 2/3 of 24. The formula would be (24 divided by 3) x 2 = 16

Have a try at doing this one. 2/6 of 24 equals…   Please have a go and comment your answer!