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Learning Reflection – Week 9

This week on Tuesday night we had our school expo. The theme of the 5/6 expo was Energise Australia. Our group’s topic was Oil Energy, we had to have a presentation and an experiment. One thing I learnt was that when oil is burnt it releases greenhouse gases which helps contribute to the greenhouse effect and heats up the atmosphere of the Earth. We had 3 presentations and an experiment which showed how oil and water react to each other when mixed. The grade 3/4’s were working on the human body, and the Preps and 1/2’s studied minibeasts. The night was a great success and I think everyone really enjoyed it.image

Weekly Learning Reflection – Week 5

This week we had our second Hawks in Schools visit. Michael the nutritionist came back as well as two players named Grant Birchall and Jed Anderson. There were a few other people who also helped run the activities. These activities included marking, goal kicking, a zig zag relay and a hanballing competition. At the end we had a big game of tiggy with tags where you had to grab other people’s tags. The most important thing I learnt was that it is very important to have a healthy diet such as protein foods and vegetables and include a good lifestyle by exercising regularly, and also drink lots of water!

Week 3 – Learning Review

This week we had our school Italian day. The theme was the Roman Empire, it was a great day and everybody came in great dress ups and costumes. I came as a standard person ( a plebeian) wearing a toga. We had loads of activities which including making puppets, sewing pouches, playing outdoor games. Our Italian teacher organised two men who put on an extremely funny comedy play. It was really good because they also asked for volunteers and they did a bit of improvising which was great. I learnt that the male roman names always ended in ‘us’ or ‘ius’.

Learning Review – Week 2

Yesterday we had two men come to our school for our AFL Gala Day, they’re names were Shaun and Adam.  They both started playing football in local clubs that play in the EFL, Shaun played for Montrose and Adam played for Lilydale and Morulbark. Adam used to play in the TAC Cup for the eastern ranges. They talked a lot about basic skills like handballing and the technique for kicking. I learnt that when kicking with my opposite foot the lower you hold the football the better the ball drop will be.

Learning Review – Term 3 Week 1

This week for maths our main focus was fractions of a collections. I now understand the formula to find a fraction of a collection.  You divide the collection (the total) by the denominator (bottom number) then times it by the numerater (top number) and then you have your answer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            So if the question was what is 2/3 of 24. The formula would be (24 divided by 3) x 2 = 16

Have a try at doing this one. 2/6 of 24 equals…   Please have a go and comment your answer!


Travelling the World!

Week 8 – When you travel the world where do you want to visit and what do you want to learn.

Where Will I Travel And Why Will I Go There?

I would like to travel to Ireland. I would like to go there because my Mum’s ancestors emigrated from Ireland during the potato famine. I also have two Uncles who were both born over in Ireland, so I have a few relatives over there. I really think Ireland is a beautiful country because of the beautiful green fields and the lovely houses. I would really like to find out ore about the culture of Ireland. I would absolutely love to visit Tyrone because that is where my ancestors Owen and Sarah emigrated from. I also think Dublin would be great to visit because capital cities and my cousins always say its great.

Here is a map that shows where Dublin is in comparison to Melbourne.                                                                               (The red pin is Melbourne and the purple pin is Dublin)



My Passion

Hi, I’m a very passionate AFL football fan. I love football because it is a very physical and exciting game to watch and play. It keeps you very fit whilst you are just playing a fun sport. Football can be played from ages 7+ until you reach the age of a veterans team. I also think football is a great sport because you learn how to work in a team as well. My friends and I all love playing football and we are really competitive.